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Dear Reader,

It has taken me a while to come up with my statement. After I thought a bit, I realized a couple things. One, something my mom had said struck me, and two, it pertained here completely. It has to do with the truth. This is in my own words, but some of the main idea came from my mother. Here it is: The truth is very powerful. No matter what, the truth will come out in the end. Whether or not you accept it is up to you.

I believe this for a few reasons. One is more of a religious reason, and while I won't sit here and try to convert you, that is one of my reasons. I consider myself a rather religious person, and this has influenced my thinking in this regard. Religion has played a large role in who I am right now, who I will be in the years to come, and what I believe right now. I should at least give credit where credit is due.

Another very large reason I say this is because of my own personal experience. My parents are divorced, and one very simple thing that could have changed the current state of things is a five-letter word that I'm sure you're familiar with. If you haven't figured it out, I am talking about the truth. The lies and half-truths have completely thrown my family into utter chaos. Amazing how something that bad could have been avoided by just speaking the truth, isn't it? And as for the truth coming out, the person I would say almost completely responsible for this has had the truth made known to that individual, as well as other people. Did this person accept the truth? Take a guess. If you guessed "no", then you were 100% right. If this helps explain why I said what I did in my statement, I did my job. If not, I'm sorry. I tried.